Welcome to TheresaZphotography 2009 Year in Pictures

My name is Theresa Z and I run this Blog. I am a
photographer and I love capturing special moments.

I was born in Hollywood, so I have a warm spot in
my heart for this city and it’s history. So much
happens in Hollywood on a daily basis.If you happen
to live in town, are visiting or you happen to be at
the right place at the right time you may spot one
of your favorite stars.

You can also see your favorite movie, recording,
radio and tv stars at the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Ceremonies or Immortalized at their Hand and Foot
Print ceremonies at Grauman’s Chinese

I also enjoy photographing other things as well.
One of my favorite things to do is to go out walking
and shooting whatever I see that I find interesting
and beautiful. One of my other favorite subjects is
my Parakeet, Budgie. She is such a ham and loves the

This year I was asked to photograph the
pages of a creative scrap book by a local,
Los Angeles Actress. I enjoyed shooting
this project. The pages were filled with
colorful themes.

[Some images from this project, below]

I have a wonderful cast of supporters who I treasure
and could not have accomplished everything that I set
out to without their love, support and honesty.

I hope that you enjoy the blog.

The Refrigerator Project Shoot

The logo that I created for
The Refrigerator Project


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